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Sing Like They Can Hear Us

Raising money for aid to Syrians through the power of music


What We Do

The conflict in Syria has shattered the lives of millions. Singing for Syrians offers a positive way to help some of Syria’s most vulnerable through the Hands Up Foundation’s aid work. Chaired by our charity co-founder, George Butler, the initiative encourages communities to raise money for Hands Up by holding a musical event. Anything from concerts to carolling, gigs or singing around the piano with friends.

We also host our own events, in particular, a special evening carol service at St Margaret’s Church in Westminster, London.

We have been singing our hearts out since 2014 and have raised over £400,000 for Hands Up so far.

Who We Support

Syrian refugee children at the school we support in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Nine years have passed since the conflict began, and while Syria fades from the headlines, the need for aid is increasing. In 2018, over 1,000 children were killed in the fighting. We work to make sure that the most vulnerable Syrians are not forgotten.

The Hands Up Foundation works directly with local organisations who know the needs and context of their local communities better than anyone. We fund sustainable education and health projects, providing salaries to Syrian doctors and teachers and hope for their local communities.

We’re funding a school for 300 Syrian refugee children. To read more about this and the other projects we support please visit


About Us

Singing for Syrians started in 2014, developed by one of the Hands Up Foundation’s founders, George Butler, with Victoria Prentis MP. Six years on, it’s one of Hands Up’s most successful campaigns. Hands Up began in 2012 when four British friends (George, Johnnie, Louisa and Rose) got together and started hosting Syrian suppers, doing something positive to remind their friends in Syria that they had not been forgotten. Hands Up is inspired by the founders’ time in Syria, the people they met and the culture they sang.

Hands Up’s other campaigns include:

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