Your Singing for Syrians Resources

Hold Your Own Pack
This is our full online pack with everything you need to get you started with your event. You can download, print or email it. If you would prefer to be sent a copy by post, please email Marina at with your name and address.
A5 Info Flyer
This is a one-page wonder which you can use to tell people a) what Singing for Syrians is and how they can get involved and b) where the money raised for Hands Up goes in and around Syria. Download and print it out to spread the word before the event and on the day itself.
Event Poster
Download and make this your own and customise it for your event, adding the vital statistics (Name, Location, Time, Date, Price, Ticket Details). There’s an example poster as well as a blank one for you to use. You can then print it out to cover the walls of friendly local shops, town halls and lamp posts.
A Poem on Damascus
Singing for Syrians is as much about introducing people to Syria and its rich culture as raising funds. This is an extract from a particularly poignant poem by Nizar Qabbani, which you might like to include when promoting and holding your event.
Recipes from Syria
Everyone loves a recipe (so do we), use this to get guests excited about Syria’s rich culinary culture. You can send them out in advance to guests, or print them on the day as a token for people to take home.
1. Christmas Chocolate Cake
2. Mkhabasa
Local Press Release Template
Here is a press release template for you to send out to your local news outlets, or anybody that you think might be interested or might publicise your concert for you. Feel free to amend and embellish it as you see fit and add all the details of your own concert.
Singing for Syrians Logo
Here is our Singing for Syrians logo. Remember, it is important that people understand that Singing for Syrians is the Campaign and the Hands Up Foundation is the charity. So do use these logos to make that clear on any promotional materials.
Hands Up Logo
Here is the logo for Hands Up Foundation. Remember, it is important that people understand that the Syrian Supper Club is the Campaign and the Hands Up Foundation is the charity. So do use the logos to make that clear on any promotional materials.
Gift Aid Form
These declaration forms can be filled out in case any individual donations are gift aidable- there is one for single donations and one for multiple just in case!
Library of Readings
Here’s a library of readings we’ve used at events in the past, so if you are in need of inspiration for your programme, get browsing.
Bucket Stickers
Print off these stickers and sellotape onto a collecting bucket if you are holding a collection during your event.


Below you'll find answers to the questions that we get asked the most about the Singing for Syrians. If anything is not covered below, send us a message through the 'Get In Touch' tab, and we’ll get back to you asap

Where can I hold a Singing for Syrians event?
Anywhere! From your village hall, to your local church (you could combine it with an already-organised carol concert), to a larger concert venue or even your own living room. The world is your oyster.
When should I hold my Singing For Syrians event?
Singing for Syrians began with the idea of holding events in the month of December, but we have expanded to encourage events at all times of the year. March 2018 is the seventh anniversary of the start of the civil war in Syria, so if you miss the festive boat, you might want to think about doing something then. We are holding a Come and Sing in London in January, to ease away the post-Christmas blues, and another one in May in Oxfordshire to sing in the start of summer. So it’s up to you. Choose your favourite time of year, and theme it appropriately!
How do I spread the word on Syria during my event?
The personal element is important. Tell your guests why you were inspired to hold a Singing for Syrians event and encourage them to do the same. Ask someone who knows a bit (or a lot) about Syria, has been there, or has reported on it, to speak. Think journalists, writers, artists and students. We also have a flyer which tells you more about the Singing for Syrians campaign and has an overview of the projects we fund. And we have put together a testimony by one of the doctors we fund, which you can either read out or hand around. If you would like posters detailing the work that Hands Up does, just let us know. And finally...our library of readings includes pieces from Syria that you could incorporate into your event.
I've got a venue of 500 to fill! How should I promote the event to make sure all the seats are filled?
Invite friends to get involved and ask them to encourage their own friends, family, colleagues and local communities to attend by spreading the word via email. You can also download the promotional poster template, fill it in and distribute in your local area – again it’s a really good idea to get friends involved to help with this kind of thing – the more the merrier. Ring up the local press and send them a copy of the downloadable local press release which you can personalise with your event’s details. Don’t forget radio as well as newspapers. And harness the power of social media by sharing your event as widely as possible. Get your friends to share too, and be liberal with your use of the hashtag, #singingforsyrians.
Where does the money raised from Singing for Syrians go?
The money raised supports projects implemented by our partner organisations on the ground. Where possible these projects are inside Syria and run by Syrians. Sustainability forms the basis of all the projects we choose, which is why we focus on funding salaries and long-term work in health and education. All the projects we fund are monitored regularly and designed to have maximum impact for those in need. We are currently supporting three projects including a medical salaries project in Aleppo, a prosthetic limbs initiative on the Syrian/Turkish border and a children's kindergarten in Idleb. For more information, please visit Hands Up's website here