Helping the most vulnerable people in and around Syria

Singing for Syrians is a nationwide initiative offering a positive way to raise money for some of Syria’s most vulnerable people.

Hold Your Own Event

What is Singing
for Syrians?

Singing for Syrians encourages individuals, bands, choirs, schools and churches across the UK to raise the roof and as much money as possible by holding a singing event as part of a wider initiative. These exciting events are open to everyone, especially children. Singing, music, food and drink are encouraged and we hope the events can be positive and generous at a time when Syrians need our help more than ever.

Who are we

Singing for Syrians is part of the Hands Up Foundation which supports partner organisations working in and around Syria.  Where possible the projects are implemented by Syrians in Syria, monitored from the UK. The funding is distributed as wages and aid items to some of the most vulnerable people affected by the crisis.

For more information on the projects we support please visit

How you can help

Organise your own concert

Register online and you'll be sent a free ‘Hold Your Own’ pack right away. It includes event ideas, sponsorship tips, song choices, poems and ways to remind Syrians that they have not been forgotten.

Specify whether you are a school, a choir, a church and receive further information to help you make your event even better. The first thing to do is pick a date and let us know so we can add you to our website and events programme.

Order a Free 'Hold Your Own' Pack

Attend an event near you

You can support Singing for Syrians even if you can't hold your own. Why not look at the map and attend one of the events being run by people in your area. There are new events being added all the time.

View upcoming events

Raise money at an event you are already holding

We recognise that time is short, and you may want to collect for “Singing for Syrians” at an event that is already planned. Carol concerts and annul singing events often pass round a bucket to raise funds. We can help them do this too.

Attend our flagship event

Details coming soon. We like to lead by example and each year we hold a flagship carol service in London in December. Watch this space - it's one not to miss. 

Upcoming Events

What happened last year?

Last year eighty Singing for Syrians events were held all over the UK. From school choirs, to gigs, from carol services to busking. Together we raised over £105000.

For more information on where your money goes click here